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A Roadway in the Wilderness

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The story of Sarah and Travis’ move from North Dakota to Arizona on the website of the Just Moved Ministry is truly inspiring.  And what a beautiful graphic! I have been taking fewer pictures since I’ve been here and have not yet had a quilting day.  I just seem to want to go to the community pool and float on my back watching the clouds sail by overhead (through the open roof of the pool house).  I guess I need to be patient with all the unanswered questions in my heart….like how do I connect and make new friends, where do I fit into this community? etc!   I recall the Rainer Maria Rilke quote taken from the Goodreads page: “Be patient toward...

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Feeling Homesick

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It has been three months since I moved. I took the Moving On Class at my church before I even began packing boxes. So I knew what to expect after arriving here. I have been very busy and that has been a way for me to keep my feelings of loneliness and homesickness at bay. In addition, my dear sister and her husband live nearby and they have taken me under their wings for companionship.  I couldn’t have done it otherwise.  Also my brother, his lovely wife and their kids have visited us here in our new home. I have been feeling homesick for my previous church. I have been following the page with lots of photos including one of the ladies of that church wrapping up...

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Thoughts from the Beach

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Walking the beaches here is truly delightful. The south facing beaches have the best intact shells and in the greatest quantity. Most of our beaches face east and contain lots of broken shells.  Being an avid collector of things I find on any beach, I must say that I am most intrigued by the broken shells. It seems that the longer a shell is in the water and tossed around by the waves and bashed on the rocks or against other shells, the more beautiful the shell becomes.  Isn’t that alot like life? Nobody escapes suffering — nobody! While it may not seem like much fun to be in the midst of a crisis or suffering great loss, it seems that going through these...

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