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The NC Arboretum

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One of my favorite places on a beautiful day in Southeastern NC is the Arboretum. Conveniently located, it is so easy to drop in there any time. The pond is the site for frog mating season right now so the noise was deafening! But the frogs gotta do their thing. The azaleas are almost finished and the NC Azalea Festival is coming up this weekend. The fruit trees, redbud and dogwood trees are in bloom. Spring is here and it is gorgeous. My winter projects are done. That is now giving me the time now to just pick up and go to the beach or to the parks. More photos to follow in the days, weeks and months ahead....

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Spring is here! Trips to the beach!

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It is the end of March, Good Friday in fact, and with a beautiful day ahead it made sense to take the car and go have some fun. Southport, a beautiful little town at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, has a Friday festival every week and it draws arts and crafts and other vendors to the big park where there is plenty to see and buy. It is about an hour trip by car. However, you can break that up with a 25 minute ferry ride from Southport to Fort Fisher.  Southeast North Carolina has alot to offer!

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God is NOT Dead

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I am a bit behind with watching movies, but finally got to see God is Not Dead. This is a truly inspiring movie about a young Christian college student who takes on a Professor who claims not to believe in God. However the student proves that rejecting the existence of God renders the purpose for life meaningless and shows that the Professor hates God for taking the life of his Christian mother when he was a boy. Interesting. Life is short and faith is a leap (in the dark of our minds and hearts) to just trust that God is real. And the beauty of it all is that when we take that leap, we then experience the reality of God Himself reaching to us! Jesus said He is the...

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Spring is here

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The azaleas are in full bloom in Southeastern North Carolina. The warm temperatures in past weeks have brought them out earlier than expected. The NC Azalea Festival is April 6-10 and it will be interesting to see if the blooms last that long. You just never know!  Soon I plan some trips to the Arboretum and Airlie Gardens to see what those parks have. A photographer’s paradise!!! More photos in the days to come! I...

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Quality in an Antique

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This past Saturday was the first Quilters by the Sea neonatal quilt making workshop for 2016 and I took my old/new antique Singer 221-1 machine to it.  It had just returned from being serviced and given some new parts (electric cord, bobbin winder, belt, needle, oil drip pan, rubber feet for both machine and pedal, light bulb assembly and some adjustments to the bobbin area. She was manufactured in 1936 in only the third year these were made. I have named her “Lizzie.” I must say, I now know why quilters prize these old “featherweight” machines. The quality is there!!!  It is all metal, solid, dependable, gives a great even stitch and is very,...

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