Busy, busy, and busy!

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Apparently too busy to keep this blog up to date! Since my last post, my beautiful cat Angel has died following a long illness. I miss her very very much.  She was a real friend and companion.

angel-2017I’ve added more photos of baby quilts and four photos to the Other Projects page of this website. I’ve been very busy with the Quilters by the Sea Guild website, Facebook group and attending workshops. In addition keeping up the church website and doing graphic arts and a vigorous Bible study all keep me very busy. 

I’ve been doing photography (mostly with my iPhone’s wonderful camera) and recent Instagram postings of photographs are my recent work are on a page under Photography. I am planning to take a photography course at the Cameron Art Museum School in late October and through mid-November.  I have this beautiful Canon DSLR camera that I used only sporadically and on automatic. It’s high time to brush up on my photography skills (you know those f stops and shutter speeds) and branch out some more in photography. If I can find the time, I’d like to explore the Divi theme for WordPress for future use on this website.  Finding time is a huge challenge when your passion runs to three other major areas.