WordPress is Fluky

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As much as I enjoy the WordPress software for blogs and websites, I am finding it FLUKY.  Case in point, the church website’s home page.  When I acquired access to this website (designed by someone else) there were three widgets assigned to the Home Page. One for worship times, one for a video (now gone) and the other for Welcome to W text, a link to the newsletter and some additional text. So….. it would appear to have three columns below the slider section. You’d think that adding a new widget would place it where you want (in spite of the fact that you can’t tell WP which column you want) so you just go ahead and do the work. Up until recently...

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Privacy and the Internet

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This sure is a hot topic these days given the NSA scandal and the whole identity theft thing. Do I have your attention?  You might want to read this New York Times article, “Ways to Make Your Online Tracks Hard to Follow.” Enjoy. Happy web surfing!

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