Moving on to something new

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Blogging is hard when you are very busy and even harder when you want to talk but not be too specific because you might hurt someone’s feelings. There comes a time when some things simply do not work any more.  You have to find a way forward in areas of one’s life, find what matters to you, find what God wants for you life, and say YES to new opportunities. This is my situation in so many ways: volunteering, spirituality and housing are among those things that now must change. Change is never easy especially when it means getting out of your comfort zone, researching and visiting places and institutions, and doing plain old hard work. The things that...

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God is NOT Dead

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I am a bit behind with watching movies, but finally got to see God is Not Dead. This is a truly inspiring movie about a young Christian college student who takes on a Professor who claims not to believe in God. However the student proves that rejecting the existence of God renders the purpose for life meaningless and shows that the Professor hates God for taking the life of his Christian mother when he was a boy. Interesting. Life is short and faith is a leap (in the dark of our minds and hearts) to just trust that God is real. And the beauty of it all is that when we take that leap, we then experience the reality of God Himself reaching to us! Jesus said He is the...

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Ruth’s Quilt

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When I lived in New Jersey I was part of a small quilting group whose guiding light was Ruth Woodward. Ruth was a very creative Christian person who was a master quilter, had a heart for missions and belonged to the Methodist church which I was a member of. I learned to love quilting from Ruth. However, she died and went on to be with the Lord. We miss her and I have many fond memories of our talks about quilting. She was also an avid church historian and wrote a book which was a history of Princeton UMC.  After she died, her family took and divided up all her finished quilts.  The unfinished projects (UFO’s) were about 30 quilts in various stages, her fabric...

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I have for many, many years loved lighthouses! There are so many of them along the east coast of the United States and I wish I had the time to visit each of them. For me they are highly spiritual locations.  A lighthouse is meant to provide the light to guide a boat safely into harbor, much in the same way that Jesus leads us to a life of faith and place of love, joy, peace, etc.  I remember visiting Block Island, Rhode Island, many years ago and with my husband and renting a house that was near the Southeast Light. On foggy nights the fog horn sounded and every night the light from the fresnel lamp caused light beams to circle around us overhead. What a wonderful...

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Almost a year!

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It has been a very long time since my last post! For the most part I have been keeping my personal thoughts to myself and posting pictures and general things to my Facebook page. However, longer thoughtful posts are just NOT possible there.  I need to reconnect with my blog and become a regular WP user. I just returned from a ten day trip up North to my “home” for the past sixty plus years. It was a wonderful time of seeing friends and reliving memories.  On the last day there, I checked out of my hotel and went over to Ocean Grove, which has always been a place of great spiritual nourishment.  It has always seemed to me that the veil is thinner there. I...

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Keeping me safe

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There is no place where God is not, Wherever I go, there God is. Now and always he upholds me with his power And keeps me safe in his love. Anonymous quote I found this quote recently and it really resonated with me because of what my sister calls the “knats” in the Christian life.  The knats are those annoyances that try and get us off track by disturbing our peace and getting us away from the focus on the work we have been called to do.  Some of those knats have been a minor fender bender accident with the car, a complaint by a neighbor that was untruthful, and a repeated misunderstanding with a friend.  If I dwell on these even after thinking them through...

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