Busy, busy, and busy!

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Apparently too busy to keep this blog up to date! Since my last post, my beautiful cat Angel has died following a long illness. I miss her very very much.  She was a real friend and companion. I’ve added more photos of baby quilts and four photos to the Other Projects page of this website. I’ve been very busy with the Quilters by the Sea Guild website, Facebook group and attending workshops. In addition keeping up the church website and doing graphic arts and a vigorous Bible study all keep me very busy.  I’ve been doing photography (mostly with my iPhone’s wonderful camera) and recent Instagram postings of photographs are my recent...

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Instagram Photos

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It is hard to keep a website up to date when you have a busy life with multiple competing interests. I love quilting, photography and nature in general. I’ve been publishing photographs in Facebook, but only my friends can see them. So…. I have added an Instagram plugin to this website and a feed on the Photography -> Current Photographs – Instagram page. It would be nice if I could generally sort them by topic (quilting, landscape, family or whatever) but that is not possible at this time. I hope you will navigate to this page. Pat

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The NC Arboretum

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One of my favorite places on a beautiful day in Southeastern NC is the Arboretum. Conveniently located, it is so easy to drop in there any time. The pond is the site for frog mating season right now so the noise was deafening! But the frogs gotta do their thing. The azaleas are almost finished and the NC Azalea Festival is coming up this weekend. The fruit trees, redbud and dogwood trees are in bloom. Spring is here and it is gorgeous. My winter projects are done. That is now giving me the time now to just pick up and go to the beach or to the parks. More photos to follow in the days, weeks and months ahead....

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Spring is here! Trips to the beach!

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It is the end of March, Good Friday in fact, and with a beautiful day ahead it made sense to take the car and go have some fun. Southport, a beautiful little town at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, has a Friday festival every week and it draws arts and crafts and other vendors to the big park where there is plenty to see and buy. It is about an hour trip by car. However, you can break that up with a 25 minute ferry ride from Southport to Fort Fisher.  Southeast North Carolina has alot to offer!

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Fun with Orbs

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Tonight as I think about the things I love to do, I realized that I have used this website to focus on my church work (website/graphics), faith, quilting and beloved cats and really not shared much of my photographic work. So…..I am going to create some new pages with photographs. The first of these is called Fun with Orbs and is a sampling of some PhotoShop creations from existing photos. I learned how to do these while a member of the Cape Fear Camera Club.  So here are the highly addictive orbs!  Enjoy!!!! And….if you happen upon this post and want to try it, here is a link to Bill Barber’s website and the page with instructions. Bill is a local...

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Thoughts from the Beach

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Walking the beaches here is truly delightful. The south facing beaches have the best intact shells and in the greatest quantity. Most of our beaches face east and contain lots of broken shells.  Being an avid collector of things I find on any beach, I must say that I am most intrigued by the broken shells. It seems that the longer a shell is in the water and tossed around by the waves and bashed on the rocks or against other shells, the more beautiful the shell becomes.  Isn’t that alot like life? Nobody escapes suffering — nobody! While it may not seem like much fun to be in the midst of a crisis or suffering great loss, it seems that going through these...

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