Busy, busy, and busy!

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Apparently too busy to keep this blog up to date! Since my last post, my beautiful cat Angel has died following a long illness. I miss her very very much.  She was a real friend and companion. I’ve added more photos of baby quilts and four photos to the Other Projects page of this website. I’ve been very busy with the Quilters by the Sea Guild website, Facebook group and attending workshops. In addition keeping up the church website and doing graphic arts and a vigorous Bible study all keep me very busy.  I’ve been doing photography (mostly with my iPhone’s wonderful camera) and recent Instagram postings of photographs are my recent...

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Living and Learning

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I fell in love with quilting back in New Jersey sometime after I retired from my day job. I happened upon a group of ladies who loved to quilt, knit and crochet. They invited me to join their group, which met monthly in the homes of group members. The leader of the group was Ruth Woodward, an experienced quilter and friend. Over the 3 or 4 years that the group met, I learned alot about quilting from Ruth and others in the group. I also took classes at Pennington Quilt Works. There I did two year’s worth of block of the month projects. Each block being a lesson in itself. When I was contemplating my move to North Carolina and was down here looking for a place to...

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Instagram Photos

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It is hard to keep a website up to date when you have a busy life with multiple competing interests. I love quilting, photography and nature in general. I’ve been publishing photographs in Facebook, but only my friends can see them. So…. I have added an Instagram plugin to this website and a feed on the Photography -> Current Photographs – Instagram page. It would be nice if I could generally sort them by topic (quilting, landscape, family or whatever) but that is not possible at this time. I hope you will navigate to this page. Pat

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Quality in an Antique

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This past Saturday was the first Quilters by the Sea neonatal quilt making workshop for 2016 and I took my old/new antique Singer 221-1 machine to it.  It had just returned from being serviced and given some new parts (electric cord, bobbin winder, belt, needle, oil drip pan, rubber feet for both machine and pedal, light bulb assembly and some adjustments to the bobbin area. She was manufactured in 1936 in only the third year these were made. I have named her “Lizzie.” I must say, I now know why quilters prize these old “featherweight” machines. The quality is there!!!  It is all metal, solid, dependable, gives a great even stitch and is very,...

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My new Singer 221-1 Sewing Machine

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I am so excited to be the owner of a gorgeous antique Singer 221-1 sewing machine (my third machine). This beauty was born in 1936 and is now 80 years young! I purchased her from a new neighbor in my apartment complex. The machine was not working and has been sent off to a repairman who specializes in antique Singers. These machines are all metal (not plastic like those now made in China) and have LONGEVITY! When she has been serviced and repaired (I think the problem is a wimpy, inadequate and inoperable electric cord), she will be my “go to” machine for piecing quilts. Quilters prize these machines for their quality, quietness and fine operation. They are...

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Free Motion Quilting

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Leah Day is my mentor for learning how to do free motion quilting. I am taking online tutorials via Craftsy.  It is a HUGE challenge.  So far I’ve stitched in the ditch, done stippling (squiggly lines) and lazy eight sewing designs.  I quilt until the foot pedal on my machine gets too hot for my bare foot to rest on and then take a break. I often go to the pool and float on my back to clear my head. I never anticipated that free motion quilting would be so very, very hard.  Practice…..practice….practice!!!! :-}

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