Life is a Beach

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life-is-a-beachOne of the best things about Southeast North Carolina is the gorgeous beaches. Starting to the north is Topsail which is where the best sea shells are to be found. Then there is upscale and fashionable Wrightsville Beach. Further south you will find Carolina (sea turtles galore), Kure and Fort Fisher beaches. Fort Fisher was the site of a Civil War battle.  The Confederates won and soon after the city of Wilmington fell to the Union as the troops marched north into the city. The mouth of the Cape Fear River is the entrance to the deep water ports at Wilmington, so you will see many large cargo ships arriving via that route.  Below the entrance to the river is Fort Caswell, Bald Head Island, Oak Island and Holden Beach. Holden is about an hour’s drive from the city but is well worth the trip because it also is a great (wide) beach with seashells and drift wood. The beaches are accessible year round but parking fees often apply from April through the fall. On warm days in winter, spring and fall (the above photo was taken in January!!!) the beach is a short drive away. Nice!