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My new Singer 221-1 Sewing Machine

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a-IMG_0955I am so excited to be the owner of a gorgeous antique Singer 221-1 sewing machine (my third machine). This beauty was born in 1936 and is now 80 years young! I purchased her from a new neighbor in my apartment complex. The machine was not working and has been sent off to a repairman who specializes in antique Singers. These machines are all metal (not plastic like those now made in China) and have LONGEVITY! When she has been serviced and repaired (I think the problem is a wimpy, inadequate and inoperable electric cord), she will be my “go to” machine for piecing quilts. Quilters prize these machines for their quality, quietness and fine operation. They are truly masterpieces! I will give her many more years of TLC!

Fun with Orbs

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Tonight as I think about the things I love to do, I realized that I have used this website to focus on my church work (website/graphics), faith, quilting and beloved cats and really not shared much of my photographic work.

a-IMG_0713So…..I am going to create some new pages with photographs. The first of these is called Fun with Orbs and is a sampling of some PhotoShop creations from existing photos. I learned how to do these while a member of the Cape Fear Camera Club.  So here are the highly addictive orbs!  Enjoy!!!!

And….if you happen upon this post and want to try it, here is a link to Bill Barber’s website and the page with instructions. Bill is a local photographer and PhotoShop experimenter. Next…I am going to try and create my own planet.  Have fun! I will!

Light and Shadow

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fb4-IMG_5189Light and shadow has fascinated me ever since I became a photographer. Since I don’t travel much anymore, I take alot of pictures around my home. This is light coming through venetian blinds and an offwhite curtain. Just love the patterns you get with this!!!! :-}

Free Motion Quilting

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Leah Day is my mentor for learning how to do free motion quilting. I am taking online tutorials via Craftsy.  It is a HUGE challenge.  So far I’ve stitched in the ditch, done stippling (squiggly lines) and lazy eight sewing designs.  I quilt until the foot pedal on my machine gets too hot for my bare foot to rest on and then take a break. I often go to the pool and float on my back to clear my head. I never anticipated that free motion quilting would be so very, very hard.  Practice…..practice….practice!!!! :-}

Ruth’s Quilt

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Click on the picture to see a bigger version.

When I lived in New Jersey I was part of a small quilting group whose guiding light was Ruth Woodward. Ruth was a very creative Christian person who was a master quilter, had a heart for missions and belonged to the Methodist church which I was a member of. I learned to love quilting from Ruth. However, she died and went on to be with the Lord. We miss her and I have many fond memories of our talks about quilting. She was also an avid church historian and wrote a book which was a history of Princeton UMC.  After she died, her family took and divided up all her finished quilts.  The unfinished projects (UFO’s) were about 30 quilts in various stages, her fabric stash, notions and quilting books. Her two daughters invited our small group to her home to take and use the remainder of Ruth’s quilting things.

daylight-full-quiltI was given a quilt top in beautiful shades of pink, blue and green.  I took it to a long arm quilter and had it quilted in a swirly pattern and then sewed on the binding. This was a huge California king sized quilt (and I have a twin bed) so I knew I would never get much use out of it.  Therefore, this winter I donated it to Princeton United Methodist Church’s Appalachian Service Project team. It was recently auctioned off for $450! Egads! I am so happy that it has gone to Robbie and John. I know they will use it and love it. They were friends of Ruth’s during her long tenure at Princeton UMC.

Mentors are so important and I know I have had three of them in my life:  Bill Barksdale who was my faculty advisor and friend for photography and faith, Ruth for quilting and Michael D here in North Carolina for website design. God is good, all the time!!!!


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I have for many, many years loved lighthouses! There are so many of them along the east coast of the United States and I wish I had the time to visit each of them. For me they are highly spiritual locations.  A lighthouse is meant to provide the light to guide a boat safely into harbor, much in the same way that Jesus leads us to a life of faith and place of love, joy, peace, etc.  I remember visiting Block Island, Rhode Island, many years ago and with my husband and renting a house that was near the Southeast Light. On foggy nights the fog horn sounded and every night the light from the fresnel lamp caused light beams to circle around us overhead. What a wonderful experience! To know you are near a saving force and are protected under its wings. Okay, so I am being a bit melodramatic! On the Links page I have placed a link to a photograph of it by Malcolm Greenaway. The link is called “Wild Roses.” It is a shame that so many of them have been decommissioned and fallen into disrepair. The southeast light was rescued from its precarious position atop the eroding cliffs by a group of lighthouse lovers who collected funds to move it back from the edge. We were happy to donate funds to save that lighthouse. I have a VHS tape called Beacon on the Bluff which was produced by the Block Island Historical Society.

Barnegat Lighthouse, NJBefore leaving New Jersey we tried to visit the lighthouses there. The photo on the left is of the Barnegat Lighthouse at the Jersey Shore. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to get to very many of these beautiful buildings. One of these days, I hope to visit more of them.

I attended a church I visited the Oak Island Lighthouse.

Quilters by the Sea/Quilting

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It has been a wonderful year of learning and growing in my quilting life. In January I joined the Quilters by the Sea Guild and have really enjoyed their monthly programs. I found out about them when I visited this area to look for a place to live in late 2012 and after completing that task went to the NC Aquarium in Ft Fisher and saw a small quilt show there. I was hooked. I joined in early 2014, a short time after I moved here. In May we had the NC Quilt Symposium at UNCW and I was able to hear Georgia Bonsteel, a NC resident and very well known quilter.  Augusta Cole, Natalia Bonner, Vikki Pignatelli and Pat Sloan were speakers this year. They also gave workshops, but I have not attended any of those as my ancient and heavy Viking sewing machine would be hard to tote around. (I need to get a newer and lighter GOOD quality portable sewing machine).

In the spring I found a wonderful sewing desk at Ivy Cottage which I was able to adapt for use with one of my sewing machines and later I bought (a steal!) a folding table with a cutout that wonderfully accepts the free arm of my good Viking sewing machine. My sewing room is now completely set up and works well.

I am taking free motion classes online through Craftsy with Leah Day and have started finishing off wall hangings and table runners (small projects) as I practice and learn to free motion more evenly and competently. Pictures to come soon! (I know I need to update this website’s galleries) There is quite a learning curve with free motion sewing.  I told myself that I could not buy any more fabric or start any new projects UNTIL I complete the 4-5 unfinished projects I now have. So that’s my goal, to catch up.  But I love the graphic nature of quilting and can’t wait to get back to piecing new projects.

WordPress is Fluky

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As much as I enjoy the WordPress software for blogs and websites, I am finding it FLUKY.  Case in point, the church website’s home page.  When I acquired access to this website (designed by someone else) there were three widgets assigned to the Home Page. One for worship times, one for a video (now gone) and the other for Welcome to W text, a link to the newsletter and some additional text. So….. it would appear to have three columns below the slider section. You’d think that adding a new widget would place it where you want (in spite of the fact that you can’t tell WP which column you want) so you just go ahead and do the work. Up until recently I’ve been pulling out my hair over this aspect of the theme in use because NOTHING would display in the right column. Finally I discovered that any text in the first widget automatically overflows to the next (middle) column and then the final (right column). Who knew.???? There is no Read Me file for this theme. So…. should I eliminate the second widget (with worship times) and put that text in the first widget and see what happens? Dunno. Not brave enough to try it…yet.

Another challenge is the menus. The version of WP used for the above website only displays the menus for the header and footer bars and not the submenus for any of the pages under each one on the main menu.  Getting to those submenus for me has been totally accidental. WP designers, please can’t you fix this????

Enough complaining. Happy Thanksgiving!   :-}

Almost a year!

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It has been a very long time since my last post! For the most part I have been keeping my personal thoughts to myself and posting pictures and general things to my Facebook page. However, longer thoughtful posts are just NOT possible there.  I need to reconnect with my blog and become a regular WP user.

OG-1-IMG_2614I just returned from a ten day trip up North to my “home” for the past sixty plus years. It was a wonderful time of seeing friends and reliving memories.  On the last day there, I checked out of my hotel and went over to Ocean Grove, which has always been a place of great spiritual nourishment.  It has always seemed to me that the veil is thinner there. I just plain feel closer to God in that holy place.  As I left, driving south on I195 and then the NJ Turnpike, I was so sad.  I just don’t know, on this good earth, where my home is anymore.  My present city does not feel like home probably because I have not made any close friends here. It is very hard to start over in a new place when you are well into your 60’s.  NJ is no longer my home. So where is home anyway? I wish I knew.  While my current place here in NC is the best place for me to be at the end part of my life, because I am nearer to my family and near to excellent medical facilities, I still don’t feel connected here.  I wish I had an answer for this, but I don’t.  To be continued…..

Keeping me safe

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There is no place where God is not,
Wherever I go, there God is.
Now and always he upholds me with his power
And keeps me safe in his love.

Anonymous quote

I found this quote recently and it really resonated with me because of what my sister calls the “knats” in the Christian life.  The knats are those annoyances that try and get us off track by disturbing our peace and getting us away from the focus on the work we have been called to do.  Some of those knats have been a minor fender bender accident with the car, a complaint by a neighbor that was untruthful, and a repeated misunderstanding with a friend.  If I dwell on these even after thinking them through and apologizing or dealing with them as best I can, then they steal my peace.  I have found that turning these over to the Lord in prayer really helps.  While the workings behind the scene are invisible to me, I can leave these situations with God and let Him deal with them.  Peace be with you!