Quality in an Antique

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IMG_1260 This past Saturday was the first Quilters by the Sea neonatal quilt making workshop for 2016 and I took my old/new antique Singer 221-1 machine to it.  It had just returned from being serviced and given some new parts (electric cord, bobbin winder, belt, needle, oil drip pan, rubber feet for both machine and pedal, light bulb assembly and some adjustments to the bobbin area. She was manufactured in 1936 in only the third year these were made. I have named her “Lizzie.”

I must say, I now know why quilters prize these old “featherweight” machines. The quality is there!!!  It is all metal, solid, dependable, gives a great even stitch and is very, very quiet. The movement is smooth and almost silent! Sad to say, Singer machines today are mostly plastic and made in China. Only Berninas are made in this country now-a-days. Beware!  Machines made for big box stores like Walmart and Target are even more cheaply made in order to keep the cost down. The quality is not there.  If you need a new machine, go to a quilt shop selling machines or buy a Featherweight! You won’t regret it.