I have been a webmaster since 2004 in the early days of church websites. I began using Joomla for Princeton United Methodist Church. Then we moved our website to the Web Empowered Church (WEC) and I became a circuit rider for the Greater NJ Annual Conference. I loved doing that because I met new people and traveled throughout the state of New Jersey. When WEC eventually ran into financial problems which caused its demise (and the Conference could no longer fund the circuit rider program) our church had a designer create a WordPress website for us.  It was wonderful!

In 2013 I moved to North Carolina and joined Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church where I assumed management of a new website designed for us. In addition I did graphic design for them in PhotoShop and this made it possible for the fledgling website to have sliders and page artwork. In addition, I have become involved in social media having created and now managing a closed group for the Quilters by the Sea Guild.

As I look back over the years I see the many ways that God has worked in my life by opening and closing doors to learn new skills and then presented me with the opportunities to use them. I love the website and graphic design work I am now doing. It is fun, creative, rewarding and fulfilling. I have learned that whenever God calls you to a task, He provides you with the training and whatever is needed to meet the challenge. Always!

However, the time has come to move on to new volunteer challenges. The website and other work for Wesley is no longer meaningful. I hope God will open new doors for me. To be continued….